Preparing the Land

Small homes can be built on large lots, and it is often done to provide a large yard and trees. For those who are quickly outgrowing their interior space, a look at the yard can be a way to expand their home. It will take a set of plans, approval and permits from the local authorities, and then it will come down to preparing the land. That alone can hold up any project if issues arise.

Trees and bushes are often the first items that need to go when a new addition is being added, and there can be moments when it seems the project is doomed. It might turn out those beautiful trees are hollow inside. Taking them down could be more of a project than planned, and a specialist might need to be hired to assure the trees do not fall on the existing building. It may not be in the plans, but this is an expense that will have to be borne.

Many additions will require plumbing for at least one additional bathroom, and then they may need space for several bedrooms or a private den. The blueprints may be all drawn up, and the plans could be ready when it is time to start the project. Digging to add septic capacity might be the first step, and that is when issues might start to take a front seat. The land for a septic tank and leach field must be suitable. If it is not quite right, then dirt or rock may need to be added.

It can be a long project when adding even a small room onto an existing structure, but there are many construction companies today specializing in making plans into reality. Getting the job done may not be pleasant, but enjoying the freedom and peace provided by the new area is worth whatever issues occurred during construction.