Adding a Guest Cottage

Many young couples dream about creating their own family when they purchase their first home, but they might not be thinking far enough into the future. Some societies still have multi-generational living, but others have moved away from that trend. It is coming back in many areas of the world, but families often find that everyone in the same building can be difficult to manage comfortably. While they might simply buy a larger home, some have found that adding a guest cottage is a better solution.

Many parents age past the time when they should be on their own, yet they still want their independence. Moving them directly into the family home could cause depression, resentment, and it might even affect the couple's children negatively. Choosing the option of having a cottage where parents are nearby but still on their own could alleviate all those issues.

A guest cottage does not necessarily need all the amenities of a regular house, and many times the kitchens are one area that is not quite developed. Residents may be able to heat their own food, but they could need to cook it in the main house kitchen. The refrigerator could be a smaller unit, and even the stove could be nothing more than a hot plate with several burners. All of these fit into a tinier area, but they do not necessarily signify the space being less than a real home.

Moving relatives directly into the house today can present many difficulties for everyone involved, so having a good alternative ready and waiting is important. For those who believe their parents need to be in close physical proximity without being underfoot, a guest cottage can provide a good answer. When their parents no longer need the cottage, it can be rented out, or it could be a nice place for other guests to stay during their visits.