Adding Space Upstairs

The attic is often an area where people store excess items they are not ready to toss out or sell, but it can become a way to increase the capacity of their home. Adding space upstairs might seem difficult, but it can be done if the building has enough structural integrity to stand the load. Hiring an engineer to see if there is enough support for adding rooms in the attic, and then it could be just a matter of creating the plans to gain more room for an expanding family.

Many roofs are pitched to allow water and snow to run off of them, but building dormers can make the attic a viable living area. There will still be a limit to the space created, but the additional headroom could create enough room to give growing children their own rooms. It could become a project where creativity will be needed to ensure there is enough space for the furniture and storage, but a good design expert can help.

Supporting the structure of the roof is important, so renovating this area must be done with an eye towards ensuring the integrity of the work. It is also a good idea to make sure any dormers or skylights added will continue to keep out the rain and snow. Looking at the heating and cooling system of the house is another part of this type of renovation, and they should be able to handle the additional area.

Upgrading a house for more living space is a good way to add value, but there is not always enough area on the land for an addition. Converting a small attic into a living space can often be done by adding a dormer or two, but it should be structurally sound. Checking the capacity of the heating and cooling systems before the work begins to make sure they can handle the load will make it a more comfortable project.