A Home for Vehicles

Modern families often own several vehicles for commuting to work, transporting the children to various activities, and they also own vehicles for leisure such as boats, ATVs and other recreational equipment. All of these items need a space when not in use, and the modern garage tends to be their home. Not all homes come with an attached garage, and even detached garages are unable to host all the storage needed. Adding garage space has become a booming business in many communities.

Modern homes are often built with a generous amount of storage space, but older homes do not always match the needs of today’s families. For them, a garage is a necessity if they want to retain all their belongings without resorting to renting storage space. They see the garage more as a place to shelter their equipment than a parking area for their car, but some of them also want to ensure their vehicles have a sheltered place. A one car garage used to be sufficient, but many new homes now have garages with three bays.

Adding an attached garage to a home is not always easy, and some builders will have to construct a breezeway to accommodate the needs of their clients. They will often choose to attach it to the back of the house, and the space between that and the end of the driveway can be quite a long distance. Adding an unattached garage might be the easier and least expensive way to add space without busting a family budget.

Due to the weight of vehicles, most garages are designed to be only ground level. Adding storage space on top of the parking areas is another way for modern families to expand their storage area, so building steps to the attic might be the best way to expand their garage without creating an expensive addition.